The Pick 3 lottery offers an easy-to-play format. Simply select 3 digits between 0 and 9 and wait for the results. There are various methods for choosing your Pick 3 numbers, such as special dates, lucky numbers, or using a lottery guide like the one provided by Lottery Angels.

For your convenience, we’ve selected 5 unique Pick 3 combinations for you to play throughout May. Don’t forget to inform us when they hit in your state’s Pick 3 lottery.


May features Memorial Day. By converting Memorial Day into lottery numbers using the <a href=”” target=”_new”>Lottery Number Word Tool</a> on Lottery Predictor, the Pick 3 number associated with Memorial Day is 924.


This number has frequently appeared in recent lists of overdue Pick 3 numbers across different states. If it hasn’t popped up in your state lately, be sure to include it in your selections.


May is known for its stormy weather. If you dream of storms or experience one nearby, consider playing the number associated with storms, which is 080.


For those who enjoy playing triples, the favored triple for May is 222. Don’t miss out on playing 222, as you might regret it if the number comes up and you didn’t play it.


At Lottery Angels, we have a strong feeling about the number 857. Our lottery guide showcases numerous hot numbers, and we believe this one will be particularly hot this month.

We wish you the best of luck in May and eagerly await news of your winnings.