The Pick 3 lottery is one of the easiest lotteries to play. Simply pick 3 numbers between 0 and 9 and sit back and watch the balls drop. There are many ways to choose your pick 3 lottery numbers. You can use special dates, lucky numbers, or use a lottery tip sheet such as the one available here on Lottery Angels.

To make things easy, we have chosen 5 different pick 3 numbers you can play for the whole month of February. Let us know when these hit in the pick 3 lottery in your state.


February is all about Valentine’s Day and if you translate Valentine’s Day into lottery numbers using the Lottery Number Word Tool on Lottery Predictor, the pick 3 lottery number for Valentine’s Day is 355.


This lottery number has been showing up a lot recently in popular lists of overdue numbers for the pick 3 lottery in various states. If it hasn’t shown up in your state recently, make sure you include it.


February also brings President’s Day on the 20th of January this year so playing the number 220 to represent the day is a good idea this month.


If you like to play the triples, the hot one to show up in February is 444. Make sure you play 444 or you will kick yourself if this number showed up and you hadn’t played it.


This is a number that we feel very strongly about at Lottery Angels. Our lottery tip sheet features a lot of hot lottery numbers and this is one that we feel will be very hot this month.

Good luck with February and let us know if you win.